To you, advertisers

An affiliate program is a mechanism in which EC site (advertiser) etc. which sell goods and service, and the website (affiliate) which the individual and the company are managing tie up through printing of banner advertising etc.
It is the technique of having been most excellent in cost effectiveness in web marketing of paying remuneration to action which published the advertising material to the website (affiliate) of the cooperator for nothing, and the user started.
Considering an advertiser's position, it can be called the marketing tool which made risk control of the advertising budget possible to the utmost.

Structure of affiliate marketing

A caller (Mr. A) visits an affiliate site.
If Mr. A clicks one of the links stretched at the affiliate site, Mr. A will go to the website of the EC site. And when Mr. A buys some at the EC site, it is a mechanism in which an affiliate receives remuneration.
Even if a caller buys nothing, an affiliate may receive remuneration only by carrying out guidance to EC site.

* The reward received as an affiliate changes also with the programs also by EC site, and all change with the conditions which EC site takes out.