About protection of all the personal information which our company deals with in our business (management of affiliate service, management of various its company media, other advertising associated business), our company fully recognizes a social mission and observes the laws and regulations about protection of the right of the person himself/herself, and personal information, etc. Moreover, it declares mentioning the whole company to the continuous improvement, and tackling it here, building the private-information-proctection management system for embodying the plan shown below, and always recognizing the trend of the newest IT technology, change of social needs, change of business environment, etc.

Personal information is limited to the required range in our business (management of affiliate service, management of various its company media, other advertising associated business) on just business execution of our company, and employment of employees and a personnel management, Acquisition and use are carried out, and I make offer, and do not do the handling of the personal information beyond the range required for achievement for the purpose of [ which was specified ] use.

- I observe the norm of the indicator which the statute about private information proctection and a country define, and others. - Pour in the management resources which agreed in the enterprise actual condition that rational safety measures should be taken and prevented to risks, such as disclosure of personal information, destruction, and defamation, and raise personal information security organization continuously. Moreover, in an emergency, a corrective measure is taken promptly.

- To the complaint and consultation about personal information handling, I will carry out suitable correspondence quickly and sincerely.
- a private-information-proctection management system is based on change of the environment which surrounds our company -- timely
- improve appropriately and promote the improvement continuously. This plan shall take the measure which can be obtained also to whom at any time by publishing in the homepage of our company, a pamphlet, etc. while making it well-known [ distribute and ] to all the workers.

2012 / 8 / 20
Shine Noble Ltd.